The Rams Roofing & Restoration Approach is Different

As a locally owned roofing company, our approach is a little different from our competitors. Here's why:

  • We are HAAG certified as residential roof inspectors and offer guaranteed labor warranties for all the roofs we install. Our standard Fort Collins roofing quote is 10 year but with extensions, we offer up to 50.
  • We communicate with our clients throughout their entire roofing process with weekly check in’s and automated systems which inform the client as to where we are in the processes of their roofing project. Not to mention we only use the highest quality materials and best practices when completing your project. Which means we use the entire roof system from the manufacturer, instead of cutting those deceitful “cost-cutting” corners like other companies.
  • We look at your roof as a whole, not just as shingles. Every project we complete we complete by checking your entire roofing system. Which includes all the components that transition to other building products like your siding, penetrations, skylights, gutters, as well as the ventilation systems. We do this because, after 30+ years of providing Fort Collins roofing quotes, we truly understand how having just one weak point in your roofing system can be detrimental.
  • We are competitive when we bid because we actually specialize in insurance processes. Now, a lot of companies claim to specialize in this area, but Ram’s Restoration actually One of our owners is a seasoned adjuster, who worked on the national catastrophe team for over 20 years. Which means, when it comes to negotiating with the insurance company, we know how to handle ourselves. And better yet we typically work completely off of insurance proceeds which means that the price the insurance company sets for you (once we’ve negotiated with them of course), is the price we charge in a Fort Collins roofing quote.
  • Most importantly, we GIVE BACK. We love our community, and we believe that with your help, we can make a difference in Northern Colorado, for the charity’s that reside here and for the residents that struggle here. Read more about how we give back to our community on Our Vision

Call Rams Roofing & Restoration’s Experts for Help at Your Property!


If you need work done on your property's roof, call Rams Roofing & Restoration today. Our locally owned roofing company offers free inspections for residential and commercial properties and a variety of different services. Whether it's roof replacement, installation, repair, maintenance, inspection, or help with an insurance claim that you need, our certified roofing experts can be of assistance. We want to make sure that your home or business is protected by a reliable roof.

For a trusted roofer in the Fort Collins and surrounding Northern CO area, call Rams Roofing & Restoration! We're a roofing contractor that believes in giving back to our community.


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